Wedding Fees

For Church Members

If you have been a member of the Marysville First United Methodist Church for six months prior to the scheduling of your wedding date, the fees for your wedding will be $300.00.

All policies of having a wedding at this Church still apply.  The Church will provide the wedding coordinator and the organist. The pastor will meet with you for a minimum of three counseling sessions, the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

“Member wedding” includes children or grandchildren of members who do not attend this Church and children under the guardianship of church members.

For Non-Church Members

The entire package for a wedding in the sanctuary is $600.  This includes the officiating pastor, the three counseling sessions, the services of the wedding coordinator and the organist fee, the custodian fee, a fee for the sound board operator, and an administrative fee. Also included is the use of the sanctuary for the wedding and the rehearsal, and rooms for dressing on the wedding day.

Schedule Of Fees Due

Fees are due as follows:

  • $50.00 deposit on confirming the wedding date.
  • $250.00 due one month in advance of wedding date  (plus ½ of Pioneer Hall rental, if applicable).
  • $300.00 due one week before the rehearsal (plus final payment of Pioneer Hall rental, if applicable).

Fees - Refundable And Non-Refundable

  • For cancellations, the refundable portion of the fees is as follows:
  • More than one month prior to the wedding:  full refund
  • Less than one month prior to the wedding: deposit of $100 is non-refundable
  • One week prior to the wedding (before rehearsal):  $200 is non-refundable
  • Day of wedding (after rehearsal): $400 is non-refundable