Initial Planning

Contacting the Church

If you are interested in planning a wedding at the First United Methodist Church in Marysville, please contact the church office by phone (530-743-3007) or by email (

Setting The Date

The church secretary can tell you whether the date you wish to hold your wedding is clear on the church calendar, in consultation with the pastor.  When the wedding date is tentatively set, the first appointment with pastor should be arranged.  The date will be confirmed by pastor and couple at this first appointment.  Due to busy church activities, no Sunday Weddings will be considered.

Sanctuary Seating

You may have up to 200 guests. There are 28 pews

The Pastor

Weddings at the Marysville First United Methodist Church will be conducted as a religious ceremony, and it is presumed that the pastor of this church will officiate.

The pastor will meet with the couple for three one-hour sessions to help the couple prepare for the Covenant they are about to make, and to examine the vows they will make on their wedding day.  The first appointment is a time for the pastor and the couple to get acquainted and explore the unique relationship of each couple.

The second appointment includes testing that will help the couple understand each other and the nature of their relationship to help with its enduring success.

The third session will deal with the ceremony itself and final arrangements.  In very rare situations, the pastor may suggest that the wedding is not appropriate, or that the couple is not ready to make the commitment at this time.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator will be designated by the Church to help make your day worry-free and special. This person will be available for consultation about florists, photographers, details of the ceremony, and Church etiquette. The wedding coordinator is present at the rehearsal and on the day of the ceremony.

No outside Wedding Coordinators are permitted