Childrens Corner


Our young Sunday School kids have been studying Noah's Ark and the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Not only did they learn that no matter what happens, Jesus wants them to be with him, they also learned that it's important to bring others into the fold. God wants us to be a good shepherd, too.

We're watching Veggie Tales, "The Duke and the Great Pie War" in class. It's the story of Ruth and Naomi Our next lesson is the Parable of the Vineyard Laborers. The kids will be discussing topics like how life isn't always fair and why do we put in extra work as Christians to spread the Good News.

The Youth Group has been meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays for a potluck and a movie. They decided to attend a new release at the Yuba City Theater, too. If you know any Junior High or High School aged students, let them know about our growing Youth Group

A big thank you to Marcia Davis for ordering our next set of Superbook DVDs! We plan to put the extra DVDs in the church library available for check out to share with everyone. 

We are hoping to make a formal list of substitute teachers for our Sunday School classes. It has been a busy few months for the regular Sunday School teachers. Though we've been able to cover the classrooms each week, it would be good for us to know we have some names to call if we need more help for a Sunday. Please let Robin Pask know or call the office. Thanks!!

Dulce Ruiz, Robin Pask and Robin Harland

Co-School Superintendent:  Robin Harland & Robin Pask
Teaching staff and volunteers: Robin Harland, Robin Pask, Dulce Ruiz, Liz Ralph, Jennifer Kelly, Trina Smith, Jerry Fish, Maryjane Matthews, Beth Knight