Childrens Corner


We finished the Summer Cinema in August. I'm afraid we've gotten a slow start this school year as I caught Covid. We'll be getting together for dinner and a movie. There are new Christian production companies that are putting out great quality movies.

In Sunday School, we're moving past the Gospels and into the early Church. Our focus is how to be Christians in the world now and in the future.

Autumn is a wonderful time to see the beauty of change!  In our Sunday school, we are learning about the changes Jesus made in people's lives!  We'll learn how Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding.  We'll learn how Jesus showed the money changers that they need to love God and show him respect.  We'll learn how Jesus changed a paralyzed man by forgiving his sins. We'll learn that Jesus healed the nobleman's son without even going to see the child!  Pretty amazing stories to help our children understand the love and power of Jesus.

A reminder:  October has 5 Sundays, so the children will stay in the service on Sunday, October 30, to be a part of our congregation.  There will be an activity available in the narthex.