Childrens Corner


Easter celebration was great!  The children, choir and congregation rocked the church with “Oh Happy Day,” led by Robin Harland. It was a soul stirring rendition to celebrate the wonderful happy day when Jesus gave us the gift of life. “Oh Happy Day! He Lives!”

Robin Pask and assistants coordinated a great Easter egg hunt for happy children.  It was a wonderful Easter morning.

Next Up…… going into summer.  Sunday School is scheduled until the end of May and VBS plans with Pastor Glen and his happy group for the week of June 25-29. Please sign-up for VBS and bring your children to this fun event. Check soon for a flyer with details and an enrollment form.

Volunteers are needed to carry out Sunday School classes during June-July & August. Talk to Robin Harland or Robin Pask and sign-up to help. You can sign-up as an assistant in the class or as the teacher to give a lesson. All class materials are provided or bring your own lesson subject and materials if you would like.

Helen Bartlett/Robin Harland/Robin Pask

Co-School Superintendent:  Helen Bartlett & Robin Harland
Teaching staff and volunteers: Robin Harland, Robin Pask,
Rob Hilton, Liz Hilton, Helen Bartlett, Liz Ralph, Jennifer Kelly, Trina Smith, Jerry Fish, Jennifer Diego, Maryjane Matthews