Childrens Corner


SUNDAY SCHOOL: Did you know that we have 32 children receiving Sunday School lessons each week?  Did you know that our students live as far south as Sacrament and Lincoln and as far north as Colusa and Live Oak?  A big thank you to Ronna Eaton for helping to deliver the Study Buddies!  One student wrote, "I really enjoy reading and learning about the Bible.  I love the Study Buddy.  I love studying and reading to it."  We continue to look at many of the Psalms that help us to give thanks to our God. Please pray for our children and their parents.

When families attend in-person church zip lock bags will be labeled with the children’s names so they can pick up their lessons. If you miss a Sunday the previous Sunday’s lesson will be available to pick up the following week.

YOUTH GROUP: By now, the 6th-12th grade students should have received their pages in the mail. The packet was about Moses and the plagues on Egypt. What better time than October to share the Bible story full of creepy, crawly critters, blood, and running for your lives? It sort of reminds you of all the excitement of a haunted house!

I sent an assignment in the letter to find art that depicts Christianity, God, or Jesus. We’ve got a special project in the works. Speaking of special projects, the Marysville Christmas Parade is scheduled for Sat., Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. The theme this year is “A Christmas Miracle”. We’ll be getting a group together to plan our float soon. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


Marysville FUMC Sunday School Teachers

Co-School Superintendent:  Robin Pask & Charlene Bole
Teaching staff and volunteers: Robin Pask, Dulce Ruiz, Liz Ralph,
Rob Hilton, Trina Smith, Beth Knight