Childrens Corner


The fall quarter for classes began September 3rd with a very good attendance, approximately 28 at all levels. Balloons, treats and fun started the day. We had a good class beginning with the first lessons relating to disciples and carrying forth with Jesus’ messages.  Students 4th and above used their Adventure Bible to follow the lesson words of the day. Wesley curriculum sets forth a format of each lesson for discussion with references to biblical chapters and current day thoughts to help children relate the Bible story to what is going on today.  Class members are asked to share and discuss what they get from a lesson.

Robin Harland and Robin Pask will be working on song practice with the children to prepare for the December 10 Christmas play. Seems like we just did that, but it’s not too far off. Practice will begin in October.

Thank you, pastor and congregation, for your support of Sunday school, the youth, and our programs.

Rob and Liz Hilton will share some fall plans for the youth group soon. I think a Christian concert, or two, may be on their agenda. The youth always help with holiday church functions, serving and cleanup, and participating in the Marysville Christmas Parade.

Helen Bartlett – Sunday School Superintendent

Co-School Superintendent:  Helen Bartlett & Robin Harland
Teaching staff and volunteers: Robin Harland, Robin Pask, Rob Hilton, Liz Hilton, Helen Bartlett, Liz Ralph, Jennifer Kelly, Trina Smith, Jerry Fish, Jennifer Diego, Maryjane Matthews