Childrens Corner


School is out and summer events have begun. As this Page comes to you the “Son West Round-Up” Vacation Bible School will be finishing up its week from June 25-29. Lots of goodies, stories, games and fun were had by all. If you didn’t enroll your little guys’ this year, please come next year.

On into summer there will be various volunteers doing classes, fun projects, movie series and lots of Christian entertainment for all ages. Robin Harland, Robin Pask, Beth Knight and other volunteers will be around to coordinate.

Check the calendar for all the fun stuff coming in July. Water Slide Day is on the agenda, for Sunday, July 15th, bring your swim suits! Other activities to look forward to the children may be measuring Noah’s Ark, Bible Bingo, plus other special days of ice cream, cookies, and fun. Every Sunday will bring something of interest to all ages.

If you need Sunday School information, contact our Robin Harland & Robin Pask.  Also, Beth Knight is in the office and can give current info on what’s going on in Sunday school. Check with Rob Hilton to hear what’s planned for youth group.

Helen Bartlett/Robin Harland/Robin Pask

Co-School Superintendent:  Helen Bartlett & Robin Harland
Teaching staff and volunteers: Robin Harland, Robin Pask,
Rob Hilton, Liz Hilton, Helen Bartlett, Liz Ralph, Jennifer Kelly, Trina Smith, Jerry Fish, Jennifer Diego, Maryjane Matthews