Childrens Corner


Hello Children & Families,

Our Sunday School lessons for Advent have focused around the Nativity Story. The new materials contain a DVD with the stories being told and drawn at the same time. The children have really enjoyed this new format, even our High Schoolers were able to watch all the lessons on the second Sunday of Advent! The DVD came with a book for game and lesson ideas as well as a set of coloring pages for the kids to color during our play practices.

The Christmas Nativity Play was performed during the church service on December 16. It’s always so much fun to see all the kids’ hard work pay off! They have enjoyed sharing their talents this Christmas through the play, singing and making the ornaments for the tree. After weeks of work on the sanctuary tree, they were able to make some ornaments to take home.

The Youth Group has started to grow! They have enjoyed a movie night, a trip to Six Flags and a Christmas potluck.  Meeting on Wednesday evenings has allowed youth from the 9am, 11am and 1pm worship services to gather together. The church float in the Marysville Christmas Parade received cheers all the way through for celebrating the “Heroes of Faith” with a Nativity Scene (complete with capes flowing behind Mary and Joseph). Thank you to all who donated candy!

For January, we’ll continue using our Parable Lessons book. We just finished going through the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The lesson focused on the fact that we all stray from the life God’s desires for us. We make bad choices sometimes, but God always welcomes us back into his family. We’ll be starting on the Parable of the Lost Sheep after Christmas. The focus on this lesson lets the kids hear how important each of us are to God. Jesus tells of the shepherd who notices one of his sheep are missing, so he goes to find that single sheep and bring him back into the flock. God does the same for each of his children, young or old.

Robin Pask and Robin Harland

Co-School Superintendent:  Robin Harland & Robin Pask
Teaching staff and volunteers: Robin Harland, Robin Pask, Dulce Ruiz, Liz Ralph, Rob Hilton, Liz Hilton, Jennifer Kelly, Trina Smith, Jerry Fish, Jennifer Diego, Maryjane Matthews, Beth Knight