May 2018







Recently, Pastor Stuart Briscoe shared this story:

Many years ago when our children were small, we went for a little drive in the lovely English countryside, and there was some fresh snow. I saw a lovely field with not a single blemish on the virgin snow. I stopped the car, and I vaulted over the gate, and I ran around in a great big circle striding as wide as I could. Then, I came back to the kids, and said, “Now, children, I want you to follow in my footsteps. So, I want you to run around that circle in the snow, and I want you to put your feet where your father put his feet.”

Well, David tried and couldn’t quite make it. Judy, our over-achiever, was certain she would make it; she couldn’t make it. Pete, the little kid, took a great run at it, put his foot in my first footprint and then strode out as far as he could and fell on his face. His mother picked him up as he cried. I said, “Pete, come here.” I picked him up and put his left foot on my foot, and I put his right foot on my foot. I said, “Okay, Pete, Let’s go.” I began to stride one big stride at a time with my hands under his armpits and his feet lightly on mine.

Well, who was doing it? In a sense, he was doing it because I was doing it. In a sense, there was a commitment of the little boy to the big dad, and some of the properties of the big dad were working through the little boy.

In exactly the same way, in our powerlessness we can’t stride as wide as we should. We don’t walk the way we should. We don’t hit the target the way we ought. It isn’t that at every point we are as bad as we could be. It’s just that at no point are we as good as we should be. Something’s got to be done.

The message of Easter and beyond is it has been done. You can walk in His steps. You can be saved by His life. All that is the message of grace.

Praise God! Through Jesus, we are delivered and blessed. The only question which remains is this one; “How will the incredible, matchless grace of Jesus Christ be received and lived out in your life?”   






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