November 2020








In Colossians 3:15, in the midst of a series of instructions about how to live as Christians, Paul writes these words: “And be thankful.” To be a Christian is, among other things, to be thankful.

And, not just when things are going great, either. When Paul wrote these words, he was, as he says later in the letter, in chains. He was in prison, arrested for being a follower of Jesus. His life was literally on the line. And still, he wrote, be thankful.

Even in that moment, in what must have been a very dark, troubling, scary situation, he was himself thankful. Not that he was in chains, but that he was still held in the loving arms of God. He was still His beloved child; able to feel God’s love, grace, mercy, and presence.

The call to being thankful can seem challenging to us at time. Not all our times are wonderful and joyous times. We struggle, we hurt, we worry, we doubt, we feel alone, we feel angry. Our emotions control us, the world seems against us, and we feel like everything is one great struggle. In the words of the great comedian, George Gobel, long ago on the Tonight Show, we feel like the world’s a tuxedo and we’re a pair of brown shoes.

And yet, Paul says to us, be thankful. I have been inspired by those who, in spite of the pandemic, have continued to be thankful!

Our call, in every moment, good or bad, light or dark, happy or sad, is to be thankful. Be thankful because in all times, and in all situations, wherever we are, whatever we are facing, we know that God is with us, beside us, ahead of us, and within us. We can be thankful because God wins!

As we look forward to Thanksgiving Day, let us commit ourselves to being truly thankful every day. God blesses us every day. So, let us strive to see those blessings, and be thankful for them.

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with an abundance of joy and love (and great food)!






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