Sunday School Time & Location

The children meet at 10 AM in the church sanctuary for singing with the congregation and Children's Time. They are dismissed at 10: 15 for regular classes. Group singing, prayer, social activity & playtime is included in class structure. Class levels are:

  • Nursery - for children 5 and under
  • Two Sunday School Classes: K 2nd grade Class and 3rd 6th grade Class
  • Youth Group 7th – 12th Grade
  • Summer Months: Classes are held in June-July-August (combined group with appropriate projects/activities)


Sunday School Curriculum

Methodist curriculum materials, that are appropriate for the age level of each class/group, are used. Children are encouraged to say a prayer, take part in Bible readings, discussions, singing, and participate in a



class project with a Christian related subject or moral lesson, and the annual Christmas Pageant. The classes occasionally host the Social Hour, that immediately follows services, to take part in family-oriented social activities and learn the importance of being of service to the church. The Pastor, Church School Superintendent, Youth Leader, and teacher volunteers work together to bring a Christian message that holds the children's interest and teaches Bible values.

Sunday School Philosophy

A caring Sunday School staff works diligently to bring the teachings of Jesus to children. The classes are presented in a friendly manner that is geared to their own age / grade level. A nurturing atmosphere is cultivated, with interaction and fun projects that encourage young families to attend.

Visitors are always welcomed in Sunday School. Adults are encouraged to stop by to see what the children are learning. Children are encouraged to "bring a friend."


Helen Bartlett & Robin Harland, Co-Sunday School Supt. on behalf of Teachers & Youth Staff