Christian Assistance Network (CAN) is a vital force in our community.  Our representative on the Board of Directors, Debbie Hopking, recently announced that  for the last three months the volume of meals distributed has increased by 1,000 each month!

There is a great need for food, money to buy items that are not donated and especially for volunteers to staff the office and the Service Center where food, diapers and clothing are distributed four days a week.

If you can help in any of these areas, please contact the church office.

Our church is well represented at CAN – six people from our congregation work and serve at CAN, in addition to our gifts of food, money and gas vouchers.

Each day at the CAN office begins with prayer – following is a prayer written and shared by a volunteer – we do give thanks for the opportunity to serve.


We ask God’s blessing on all here who are united in this work and we ask His blessing on those whom we serve.  Grant us patience, compassion, understanding, wisdom and charity as our gifts to this work and grant us humility as our reward.  We give thanks to God for the goodness of others and for the opportunity to serve in your name. Amen