Wow! Is it really July already? The weather outside is…well, HOT! This is a good time to stay inside, take out your planning calendar and write down the United Methodist Women events that are come up soon. We say this because we really want to encourage as many of our ladies as possible to come out and support these events as well as just to come out and enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship with our sisters from all over the region. So grab your pen and mark these dates:

The first is three days of Mission U in Gardnerville, NV. The dates for this event are July 28-July 30. Registration is in progress as we speak!  August 11-12 Mission U will be in Livermore. Now that’s just a short 3 hour drive away. And Livermore is such a cute town with many things to see and do. A one day Mission U will also be held in Palo Alto on August 26.  Many of us are already planning to attend the Annual UMW Conference Celebration which will be held in Loomis this October 21. Our UMW group has been asked and has agreed to assist in hosting this event!  What an honor! We certainly pray that many of you will attend one or more of the above mentioned events.

Thank you to the ladies who attended the recent event in Auburn. A Christ Candle was presented by Lenna Mullins and Myra Wade to the ladies of Roseville UMW. They were very pleased! Also, it was great to see so many at the last General Meeting held at Szechuan Restaurant. It was indeed a blessed time of fellowship together. At least 3 of our members will attend the Mercy Retreat this month. We can’t wait to hear about what will surely be a delightful and spiritually relaxing time.

Our UMW group of ladies is a hardworking, dedicated and energetic group. Many wonderful things are accomplished when we work together toward our goal and mission for women and children. Lately, we have been much in prayer for many of our sisters. Now more than ever some of them need encouragement from us all. Let’s continue to pray for all of those in need as well as their families. When we are encouraged in Christ, we have strength to put on our spiritual armor and remain steadfast. (Ephesians 6:10-18).

We pray for a safe, relaxing and blessed summer for you all!

Marcia Davis, President
Vivian Riley & Bonnie Shelton, Co-Vice Presidents