Hello Everyone,

We hope the first month of 2020 has been fruitful and each month continues to be a blessing to you and others.  The January Planning Meeting was, as the name implies, a time to make plans for the many upcoming events. Be sure to attend the General Meeting/Lunch on Saturday, February 1st at 11am, you are sure to enjoy the lunch and the Valentine themed table decorations chaired by Carol Swain and prepared by Bazaar Buddies. There will also be a program. 

The February 2nd Pot Luck will be hosted by UMW and as a first time ever event a Chili-Cornbread Cook Off will be included, be sure to bring lots of salads to ‘cool down’ our palates.

The yearly UMW budget of $13,160 is grouped into three categories and the Special Gifts & Local Missions ($3,350) was paid in December generating many thank you cards from the recipients. Undesignated and Designated Giving ($3,900) has been paid in January. The remaining $5,910 for Administration & Membership Development is paid throughout the year. The two bank accounts have been consolidated into one with Lucille Figuary’s name taken off and the newly elected treasurer Debbie Hopking’s name put on the account. We want to thank the outgoing treasurer for seven years of dependable and accurate service to UMW.

Many issues are discussed and voted on at these meetings, including a change in the date for the Turkey Dinner and a vote to donate $200 to United Way. So, if for any reason you find yourself with time on your hands, your UMW has a cure for that! Come to the meetings to see what you can do to work in Christian sisterhood. Many jobs, many hands, let yours be one of them. The next Planning Meeting is February 3rd at 10am.

 Happy Valentine’s Day! “All we need is love but a little chocolate doesn’t hurt”.

Thought for the Day: A year from now you will wish you had started today!

Myra Wade, Secretary
Bonnie Shelton, President
Vivian Riley & Carol Aldrich, Co-Vice Presidents
Debbie Hopking, Treasurer