The fields of bright orange to butter yellow poppies and the local orchards laden with blossoms announce that spring is here and we are blessed. Have you planted your flower seeds that were given at the General Meeting in February? New growth, a reminder of God’s abundance.

At the April UMW meeting there was discussion of a trip to the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky probably in September. More information as plans are made. Our church is hosting a Meet and Greet on April 27 and we are working hand in hand with our District Team to make this an interesting event. After much discussion by the Leadership Team about a name change, a motion was made to change UMW Executive Board Meeting to UMW Planning Meeting to be more inclusive and reflect what these meetings actually do. The motion passed unanimously. The next Planning Meeting is May 6.

In spite of the rain, all the days of hard work were rewarded with a good turnout for the April Rummage Sale. It’s a joy to have so many step up to the task of working each day to sort, hang, fold and price items. During the actual sale days, the focus is on helping the customers in any way that is needed, then boxing up all items that are left unsold and getting them picked up by Disabled American Veterans. Good job everyone!

Bazaar Buddies filled Easter gift bags for our shut-ins and others living in care facilities. We never want to forget our friends who can no longer attend church.

The Spring Luncheon themed ‘Mardi Gras’ will be May 11. Be sure to attend this beautifully decorated luncheon event that everyone looks forward to.

Thought for the Day:When your life is in a dark place, perhaps you’ve been planted. BLOOM.

Myra Wade,

Bonnie Shelton, President,
Vivian Riley & Carol Aldrich, Co-Vice Presidents, Lucille Figary, Treasurer