Dear Ladies,

The UMW Leadership team has been hard at work. Under their guidance the budget has been reviewed and adjusted to meet the needs of a coronavirus influenced world. Which means no fundraisers being held this year.

With the virus in mind, we are exploring new means for meetings, elections, and installations of officers. (Makes the year go by quickly, doesn’t it?) We are looking at trying Zoom for meetings. That may suffice for the meetings, but our elections pose another type of input. If you have a suggestion for an office, or would like to be considered/volunteer (your choice of words) for a position, feel free to notify any officer or a member of the nominating committee. After the slate of officers is nominated, we will vote by email with a survey-type form in October. If you do not have email, let us know so we can mail a ballot to you. The installation of officers may very well be by Zoom, also.

Our Rummage Sales are cancelled for the rest of the year. If you have rummage, feel free to donate it to another entity. Thank you to everyone who donated just before the Stay at Home order. The Bazaar is also canceled. A lot of us are still doing our crafts. Next year ought to have a lot of extra offerings to choose from.

Please remember to continue reaching out via phone calls or mail to other church members. It means so much to those who are isolated from friends and family. A friendly voice is always welcome. You are all deeply missed and we all cannot see ‘you all’ soon enough!

Yours in Christ,

Bonnie Shelton, President; Carol Aldrich and Vivian Riley, Co-Vice Presidents; Myra Wade, Secretary, Debbie Hopking, Treasurer