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A yard cleanup day is planned for Saturday, March 24 to shape up things around exterior yard areas and play yard.

~New sanctuary monitors are in place purchased by memorial funds from families who offered to fund this project.

~Small exterior shed will replace the old leaking one soon.

~Sanctuary carpets will be professionally cleaned before Easter.

~Investigation of heat/air system to replace all window units is in progress.

~Video of church property in progress to accommodate insurance & conference backup information.

~Exterior painting & brick maintenance is future project.

~Surveillance system of church & grounds is in place for safety and security.

~More playground maintenance will be done with funds from generous donor.

Helen Bartlett, Recording Secretary

Board 2018: Rob Hilton, Chair - Jerry Fish, Vice Chair - Helen Bartlett, Recording Secretary - Lincoln Eden  - Trina Smith  - Karl Medbery - Liz Ralph - Marcia Davis - Pastor Glen Raley-